World Finds

The story began in the midst of a journey spanning several continents, nearly 40 countries, and lasting well over a year. Founder Kelly Weinberger and her husband David Burns left their jobs in 1999 to travel around the world. After spending time in many developing countries, and experiencing the tremendous poverty, Kelly was determined the next phase of her life would be to make a difference in some of the communities she had seen.

She returned with a mission to connect those around the globe with opportunities to success. She and her team have worked tirelessly to support and allow the artisan groups that create WorldFinds products to experience significant improvement in their communities.

Kelly & David regularly travel to connect with groups in India, Indonesia, and Nepal, and each time it is evident how Fair Trade practices have changed their lives – they have been able to hire more women artisans, improve educational programs and send their girls to school, and expand healthcare initiatives. They continue to be the heart and soul of WorldFinds!

Beautifully hand crafted, artfully made, ethically sold. Truly beautiful, inside and out.

Artisan Crafted, Ethically Sourced, Beautifully Made